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Dear all,
This is Yours Only. I wish happy new year to everyone.
As Hoya is looking forward to having a busy year with musical, drama, and album preparation, I hope we are all ready to support him with a great excitement!

This is a new announcement about the ‘season’s greeting’ goods. Please read the progress status of project, future schedule, and my apology on delay.

1. Progress Status of Project

Except the goods which was already made, goods to be newly made are as following:
- hologram stickers
- diary sticker
- metal sticker
- 2018 photo calendar
- 2018 photo scheduler
- canvas pouch
- mini photo book
- mini banner

As I already showed the samples, hologram stickers, diary stickers, and metal stickers are ready to go.
However, 2018 photo calendars, 2018 photo schedulers, and canvas pouches are only completed up to designing process.
I am in the middle of price negotiation with multiple companies for the best result.
Candidly, the goods quotation exceeded the budget I initially set based on the donation progress.
Please note that the bonus feature making process will take longer than expected.
I am trying to make up the short amount and find the best way to deliver reasonable goods to you.
What happened was, I enlarged the gift budget portion for Hoya a bit, and the goods making budget shrank a bit as well.
This was my mistake that I failed to set up the initial budget and schedule efficiently.
To make the process quicker, I will replace some features.
The mini photo books will be replaced by existing photo card sets,
and mini banners for Magnum Opus set will be replaced by metal badges, which are the same ones from the drama support project.
The calendar will include 13 months (From January 2018 to January 2019) since the delivery schedule is delayed for a month.
Please note that the schedule and goods can be changed as I mentioned in the donation announcement.
I politely inform you that cancellation or refund is not acceptable.

2. Future Schedule

I cannot give you the exact date for the making process because I have to make up the shortage first, but I assure that I will send out the packages within January of 2018.
I also want to avoid any more delay, because the musical support project and international group order are coming up in February.
Please send inquiries such as delivery address change by mid-January to your group order leaders.
I will announce again via Twitter when the shipment schedule is fixed.

3. Apology on Delay

I would like to apologize for delay again.
I understand that international fans especially anticipate to receive goods.
I will surely do my best to send them out as soon as possible.
Every time I run a donation and support project, I do my best to plan out the budget and schedule precisely; but to be truthful, it is never easy.
Especially this time, the musical, drama, and the end of year support all came together within a very short period of time, and I had to juggle multiple projects at once.
I would like to appreciate many helps and emotional support from my friends and the supporters; however, all the projects are basically run by only one person, me.
It is all my fault that the delay happened, and I want to send my sincerest apology to all.
This is absolutely my No. 1 priority now, and I am doing my best to get the goods packages delivered to you.
I will make sure to bring your warm and heartful support to Hoya.

Thank you for loving and putting trust on Hoya.
Thank you for being patient with me.
I will surely inform you when there are any more changes.
Thank you.

Yours Only.